„A house is a machine for living in” – LeCorbusier

Advantages of frame constructions

The advantages of using the frame structure (LSF) determine and maximize the benefits of constructions developed on such a structure, easily resulting in resilient, modern, and efficient buildings from all perspectives.

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What is a frame structure

The name comes from Lightweight Steel Frame (LSF/LGS/LGSF) – which roughly translates to a lightweight structure made of steel frames and refers to a structure composed of thin-walled profiles made of cold-formed galvanized steel sheet.

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Raw material and sizes/types

For the production of frame profiles, we only use high-quality raw materials from reputable manufacturers in the industry:

  • Structural class galvanized steel sheet S 350 GD with protection 275 g Zn/mp
  • Structural class galvanized steel sheet S 350 GD with protection 140 g ZnMg/mp

Our profiles comply with the requirements of European standards and bear the CE marking.

We manufacture various types of thin-walled metal profiles that can meet various structural or non-structural requirements, finishing needs, installation preferences, etc.

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Installation of the frame structure

The frame structure from romehoME is obtained through an integrated process of architectural, structural, and installation design, as well as 3D modeling of structural elements using dedicated software. This, combined with an assembly carried out in accordance with our requirements by a specialized team, results in a high-performance, unified structure with exceptional strength and stability against all types of loads, especially earthquakes.

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How does the frame structure work

The Frame structure (LSF/LGS/LGSF) is entirely composed of cold-formed, thin-walled profiles made from galvanized steel sheet. These profiles are designed and arranged in a manner to support the weight of the building, accurately and safely respond to various loads, and ensure its strength and stability throughout its service life.

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Standard conformities

• weight of the frame structure ranges between 40-60kg/mp;

• maximum building height P+2E (H) – 12-15 m;
• height between two floors (h) – 3,6-4 m;
• standard opening between two walls (d) – 6 m;
• standard opening for windows/doors (l) – 4 m;
• Cantilever (c) – 1,2 m (only for floor structure);
• Roof slope (u) – 5 – 90 degrees;

Technological portfolio

romehoME performs 3D structural modeling for all projects in the portfolio, which enables better understanding and compliance with structural details, arrangement of profiles to avoid thermal bridging, and seamless integration of other materials and systems (cladding, insulation, sealing, installations, etc.)

























Vertical extension (NO01)

135mp / 8770kg

Restaurant Inn (CM01)

137mp / 8130kg

Accommodation Pavilion Inn

(US13) 608mp / 27810kg


Accommodation Pavilion Inn

    (UD09) 1148mp / 52200kg


Attic (SP013)

72mp / 4360kg

Attic (NZ018)

84mp / 3840kg

Attic (ML021)

236mp / 11530kg

Kindergarten (CS-11)

860mp / 41280kg

House (VT088)

111mp / 5125 kg

House (SB02)

188mp / 7630kg

Duplex House (PC05)

298mp / 12540kg

House (PA021)

252mp / 11620kg

House (OS013)

140mp / 6330kg

House (NV07)

145mp / 6280kg

Micro House (60C)

76mp / 3120kg

Micro House (60B)

62mp / 2880kg

House (MA056)

110mp / 4830kg

House (IN02)

169mp / 6980kg

House (GB091)

185mp / 8510kg

House (FP01)

220mp / 9880kg

House (DA06)

230mp / 10330kg

Semi-detached House (AS-051)

468mp / 21330kg

House (CN02)

168mp / 8930kg

House (CAB07)

181mp / 8855kg

House (BV066)

132mp / 6880kg

House (BS093)

225mp / 9820kg

House (BO06)

270mp / 11530kg

House (BA03)

183mp / 8601kg

House (AN03)

289mp / 12725kg

House (AG06)

126mp / 5960kg

House (AB08)

158mp / 7210kg

House (PX033)

98mp / 4100kg