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Home frame

In essence, it is a modern technology (Lightweight Steel Frame) related to the use of a high-performance load-bearing structure, composed of cold-processed galvanized steel profiles with thin walls, very lightweight and made exclusively from high-quality structural steel, designed, calculated, constructed, and assembled according to standards and regulations, it exhibits remarkable strength against various types of stresses.

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conformari standard

Standard conformities

• The weight of the frame structure ranges between 40-60kg/mp;

• Maximum height of the building P+2E (H) – 12-15 m;
• Height between two floors (h) – 3,6-4 m;
• Standard opening between two walls (d) – 6 m;
• Standard opening size for the window/door frame. (l) – 4 m;
• Bracket (c) – 1,2 m (floor structure only);
• Roof pitch (u) – 5 – 90 grade;

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