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In 2007, I founded romehoME, in response to the construction market needs in Romania. Initially specialized in thermal and waterproofing and metal fabrications, we quickly evolved into complex metal constructions, becoming a general contractor in three years. I focused on the development of residential constructions, adopting innovative and sustainable solutions, such as frame houses – Light Steel Frame. The success was due to collaboration with trustworthy partners. Since 2010, we expanded our activities in Europe, offering services appreciated across multiple segments, from civil projects to “SMART HOME” technologies, all based on the Light Steel Frame concept.

Ing. Romica Mereuta – romehoME

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The Unique Sales Model

At romehoME, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to selling metal structures by the kilogram, offering our customers maximum transparency and cost efficiency.

Technical Innovations

We differentiate ourselves through superior technical details: 8 screws per node, precise anchoring, 1.5 mm profile, 300 mm floor plates, and walls of 160/120 mm.

Included Stairs

In our vision of providing added value, we include interior stairs in the price of the metal fabrication, thus ensuring significant savings for our customers.

The Advantage of 3D Design and Structural Calculation

At romehoME, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to selling metal structures by the kilogram, offering our customers maximum transparency and cost efficiency.

Technological Holes for Maximum Efficiency

We integrate technological holes into our structure to facilitate the installation of cable and pipe routes, saving time and increasing efficiency on the construction site.

Leader in Energy Efficiency

We are leaders in providing solutions for NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) or passive houses, with the most comprehensive details available in Europe, ensuring a sustainable future.

Solar Solutions

We integrate state-of-the-art solar panels to maximize energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint. Our solar solutions are customized to meet the needs of each project.

Competitive Prices

Build your dream home for just 1.99 EURO per KG. *Price does not include assembly components, labor, or design.*


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Vacation Houses 'Oasis of Relaxation'

Modern houses, ideal for relaxation, with customizable design.

Selling by components for phased construction. This revolutionary concept brings together key features for building your own customized space. With a lightweight structure and expansion options, this system allows you to create a unique and comfortable place.

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Permanently Inhabited Houses 'Home Sweet Home

Comfortable and energy-efficient houses for everyday life.

Build your house step by step, customizing every detail. With special attention to sustainability and Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) energy efficiency

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Buildings for Small Businesses 'Success Headquarters

Inspirational workspaces, perfect for growing businesses.

It is the perfect choice for businesses looking to build or expand their projects gradually, offering them the possibility to bring their ideas to life with ease and flexibility. With a clever modular design, efficient energy savings, and the ability to achieve rapid construction.



FROM 120 euro / mp

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FROM 130 euro/mp

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Semi-finished house

FROM 450 euro /m

casa semifinisata


FROM 850 euro / mp

DALL·E 2024 01 19 13.34.57 A highly realistic image of a NZEB Nearly Zero Energy Building house. The architecture is contemporary with a practical and lived in appearance. Th

Turnkey house

FROM 650 euro / m

DALL·E 2024 01 19 13.27.42 A realistic image of a modern fully finished turnkey house. The house is built with light steel frames fully completed with smooth exterior walls


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