Photovoltaic Consultancy

Solution Studies

We conduct comprehensive analyses for photovoltaic parks, identifying the most efficient solutions for your location.

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Technical Due Diligence

We perform thorough analyses for photovoltaic parks, identifying the most efficient solutions for your location.

Design and Authorization

Our expertise covers the entire process of design and authorization for photovoltaic parks.

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Projects and Financing

Technical Documentation

From topographic surveys to architectural and electrical projects, we are here to support you in obtaining the necessary financing.

Authorization Green Field Projects

We ensure the authorization of new projects with location assessments, guaranteeing compliance with norms and regulations.

Legal Due Diligence and Financial-Accounting Expertise

Legal Evaluation

We conduct due diligence on the legal aspects of projects, ensuring that everything is in compliance with current regulations.

Financial-Accounting Expertise

We provide accurate and transparent financial expertise for your projects.

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Testing and Optimization

We conduct rigorous tests and optimize system performance to ensure you benefit from maximum solar energy production.

Professional Installation

Our team of specialists handles the precise installation of structures, ensuring the system is operational as quickly as possible.

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Supply and Installation

Customized Analysis

We conduct a detailed site analysis to design and provide structures tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Development of FS and CBA

Feasibility Studies (FS)

We develop and execute detailed feasibility studies for your projects, providing a solid foundation for strategic decisions.

Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA)

We conduct rigorous cost-benefit analyses to help you evaluate the efficiency and profitability of your photovoltaic projects.

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Projects for Obtaining Non-Repayable Financing

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Shading Studies
  • On-Site Production Analysis
  • Technical Memorandum and Layout
  • Studies and Documentation for Obtaining Approvals
  • Architectural Projects
  • Structural Engineering Projects
  • Electrical Installation Projects
  • Connection Projects
  • Substation Projects
  • Road and Railway Crossing Projects



Electrical Installations Design and Engineering

Design and engineering of electrical installations for photovoltaic power plants and connection to the electrical grid

Structural and Architectural Design and Engineering

Design of the structure and architecture of the photovoltaic power plant, including the grid connection

Documentation for Permits and Authorizations

Preparation of documentation for obtaining construction permits, approvals, and authorizations, including for network connection

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Project Management for Construction and Assembly

Project management for the construction and assembly works of the photovoltaic power plant and connection to the grid

Construction and Assembly Site Management

Project management for the commissioning of the photovoltaic plant and the connection to the grid.


Documentation for Licensing the Commercial Operation

Preparation of the necessary documentation for licensing the commercial operation of the photovoltaic plant.

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Our technology in frame structure construction