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House frame


They are based on modern technology (Lightweight Steel Frame) related to the use of a high-performance load-bearing structure, composed of cold-formed, thin-walled galvanized steel profiles. It is very lightweight and made exclusively from structural-grade steel. Designed, calculated, fabricated, and installed according to standards and regulations, it exhibits exceptional resistance to various types of loads (earthquakes, storms, blizzards, snowfall, etc).


A house designed, calculated, and constructed correctly using the frame structure (Lightweight Steel Frame) can meet the comfort requirements of the beneficiaries:
• Integration of modern architectural concepts at both the volumetric and interior design levels;
• Optimization of consumption and material losses – associated execution costs;
• Long-term behavior of materials – limiting the occurrence of degradation, cracks, deformations, etc;
• Control of the indoor microclimate – temperature, noise, natural/artificial lighting;
• Operational energy consumption efficiency – energy efficiency;
• Inclusion of Smart-Home systems in the management and operation of the house;
In reality, a romehoME frame house can provide the desired level of comfort for everyone, both during construction and, especially, during use.


The living environment is one of our priorities, especially in terms of the air quality we breathe. Studies show that we spend more than 85% of our time indoors, and often the indoor air quality is lower than the outdoor air quality, due to humidity, dust, mites, and, last but not least, the presence of volatile organic compounds.
In addition to the quality of materials and detailed constructions, romehoME supports the use of heat recovery ventilation systems, either integrated or localized, to improve indoor air quality and achieve healthy living spaces.

Advantages of frame constructions

The advantages of using the frame structure (LSF) determine and maximize the benefits of constructions developed on such a structure, easily resulting in resilient, modern, and efficient buildings from all perspectives.

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We can provide design offices with information regarding:
• the technology, materials, and products we implement;
•structural pre-conformation;
• energy efficiency of the building during operation;
• technologies for healthy living spaces;
• financial evaluation;

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Implementing a romehoME structural solution entails:
• structural calculations in accordance with standards and regulations;
• 3D modeling of the load-bearing structure;
• accurate assessment of production and installation costs;
• complete structural / installation projects;
• bill of quantities for materials and labor;



We prefabricate the frame structure and transfer the advantages to our clients:
• high-quality structural raw materials;
• edge zinc coating for enhanced protection;
• assembly tolerances provided in mm;
• pre-bending for easy assembly with 8 screws/node;
• profile labeling for installation and CE marking;



Structural modules can be pre-assembled in the factory or on-site.
Assembly teams strictly adhere to the requirements:
• checking the assembly tolerances at the foundation;
• using compliant chemical/mechanical anchors;
• 8 self-drilling screws per node – 6,3×19 mm aprox. 1500 buc/t;
• metric screws gr. 8.8 M12 × 22/35 mm;
• using professional assembly tools and equipment;



Compliance with execution details is mandatory.
We pay special attention to the following stages:
• OSB cladding;
• wrapping and installation of windows and doors;
• thermal insulation and sealing;
• installation of ventilation system and utilities;
• installation of gypsum board cladding;



If you haven’t decided on the finishes, take the necessary time!
You can continue working with romehoME or another team.
Keep the following in mind::
• construction is already functional;
• finishes and furniture are for the ambiance;
• do not make any changes if they were not included in the project;
• no additional perforations or mounting holes are allowed;
• we provide technical assistance;

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House frame

In essence, it is a modern technology (Lightweight Steel Frame) related to the use of a high-performance load-bearing structure, composed of cold-processed galvanized steel profiles with thin walls, very lightweight and made exclusively from high-quality structural steel, designed, calculated, constructed, and assembled according to standards and regulations, it exhibits remarkable strength against various types of stresses.

Extensions and attic conversions

Structural and functional rehabilitation of urban buildings often involves complex works (underpinning, encasement, etc.), starting from foundations and extending to reconfiguring intermediate floors, attics, or lofts.
The frame solution (LSF) from romehoME can be considered the only viable option in many of these cases, both in terms of execution and the spaces that can be obtained, due to its lightweight and high strength (40-60 kg/m²), as well as the versatility of its structural composition.
Another crucial aspect is the disruption around the construction site.
Using the frame structure as a structural solution for attic conversions or building extensions in urban areas means minimal intervention in terms of scope and quick execution.

For more information, please contact us!

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Prefabricated Units

With a comprehensive team comprising architects, construction engineers with various specializations, economists, environmental specialists, as well as highly skilled personnel in the construction field, RomehoMe has dedicated itself to innovation, production, and implementation of modern construction solutions and systems in the Romanian market. Our aim is to provide the highest level of safety and trust to investors, designers, and users.


Industrial Constructions

This is the field where the frame structure has provided and continues to offer solutions for both conforming various-purpose buildings and supporting the construction of envelopes (facades, roofs, terraces) for industrial buildings built in other structural systems or for the rehabilitation of existing constructions.
The frame structure is recommended for solutions such as halls with openings up to 10 meters, workshops for various uses, storage/production spaces, and last but not least, support structures for photovoltaic panels.

For more information, please contact us!

For more information, please contact us!

Type of houses

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• They are based on customized architectural projects for each individual client, created by design offices;
• All types of housing can be realized: single-family, semi-detached, terraced, carpet-style, villas, etc., with a maximum height limit P+2 / P+1+M;
• romehoME carries out the project for the frame structure (LSF) and installations in accordance with the architectural design, integrating all the requirements, styles, concepts, and technologies proposed during the design phase;
• romehoME produces and delivers the frame structure (LSF);
• The execution and installation of the house up to the specified stage are done through romehoME’s approved partners;

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• Small prefabricated houses from romehoME using frame solutions (LSF);
• High degree of customization (in terms of finishes);
• They are developed as modular solutions;
• They can be transported/moved relatively easily, and if the foundations are on drilling piles;
• Maximum surface area – 60 mp;

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House “Claca”

• A romehoME frame (LSF) solution for DIY enthusiasts (do it yourself);
• In an architectural project, romehoME integrates a frame solution (LSF) and installations;
• romehoME delivers and installs the frame structure (LSF) calculated and produced based on a complete project (architecture, structures, installations);
• The client takes care of the foundation and the installation of other materials;
• romehoME can provide technical assistance upon the client’s request;

As mentioned before, romehoME houses can integrate all the necessary systems to create and personalize the indoor microclimate of the home. However, it is important that these systems are known, adapted to requirements, and sized in accordance with the construction method of the house, starting from the design stage.

Recommanded systems for:


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  • Heat Pumps
  • Hot Water Panels
  • Electric/Gas Boilers
  • Electric/Gas Central Heating Systems
  • Thermal Fireplaces, Fireplaces, Stoves
  • Convectors, Fan Coil Units
  • Radiant Panels
  • Underfloor Heating with Thermal Agent, Electric
  • Electric/Thermal Radiators


Ventilare Climatizare
  • Ventilation Units with Energy Recovery
  • Local Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment
  • Exhaust Systems – Fans, Range Hoods
  • Air Conditioning Devices/Equipment
  • Air Treatment Equipment
  • Domes, Windows – Natural Ventilation


Productie Energie
  • Energy Production Panels
  • Wind Turbines


Managemnt Control
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Energy Consumption/Production Management
  • Home Management Systems

Our technology in frame structure construction