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Raw Materials and Standard Dimensions

For the production of frame profiles, we use only high-quality raw materials from reputable manufacturers in the field:

Structural class galvanized steel sheet S 350 GD with protection 275 g Zn/mp
Structural class galvanized steel sheet S 350 GD with protection 140 g ZnMg/mp

CE Marca

Using other types of steels (e.g., DX 51 class) is strictly prohibited for shaping structural elements, regardless of the application field (residential, industrial, etc.)
A 275 g/mp Zinc coating provides the profiles with a long lifespan, up to 250 years in protected structures such as walls, floors, and terraces, and up to 50 years in structures exposed to environmental elements.

Our profiles comply with the requirements of European standards and bear the CE marking.

We manufacture various types of thin-walled metal profiles that can meet different structural or non-structural, finishing, and installation requirements, etc.

The profiles used by RomehoME to build a frame structure are:

0.0.1 Profile C prezentare 1


We produce profiles with embossments for easy and precise fixing in U profiles, and with various methods of end processing, suitable for walls with constant height as well as inclined walls.


Dimensiuni Profile C nou ro
0.0.1 3 Profil C capat drept 1
0.0.1 3 Profil C capat rotund 1
Profil C dimensiuni 1
0.0.2 Profile U prezentare 1
0.0.2 2 Profil U capat inchis 1
0.0.2 3 Profil U capat decupat 1


We produce profiles with embossments, perforations, and cut-outs for easy fixing of C profiles and precise installation of structural modules.


Dimensiuni Profile C nou ro
Profil U dimensiuni
Profil C goluri


Decupaje si gauri in profile nou ro


Depending on the specific project requirements related to the load-bearing capacity of the structural elements, as well as the installation and support of finishes and equipment, other types of profiles can also be used:

0.0.3 Profile Sigma prezentare 1
0.0.1 5 Profile C termo prezentare 1
0.0.6 Profile Z prezentare 1
0.0.4 Profile Omega prezentare 1
0.0.5 Profile L prezentare 1
0.0.1 Placi de rigidizare 1

Profile Sigma – are generally used for structural purposes instead of C profiles, especially in industrial projects
Profile Omega – are used as mounting profiles for cladding elements, roofing, facade cladding, equipment installation, etc.
Profile L – are mainly used as mounting profiles but can also be used for structural purposes.
Profile C termo – are special profiles used to reduce thermal or acoustic bridging in exposed areas of buildings (currently being implemented).
Profile Z – are primarily used as intermediate panels for roofing or as mounting profiles for facades.
Stiffening plates – are used as stiffening elements in the field for C profiles, where the use of U profiles is difficult or when a larger area stiffening is required.