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The frame structure (LSF) can easily accommodate all types of joinery, regardless of the material they are made of: solid wood, laminated wood, PVC, aluminum, steel, or combinations thereof.

We recommend some minimum conditions that we always take into account:
• Carpentry should incorporate triple glazing;
• The U-value of the joinery, together with the glass, should be less than 1;
• Installation of the joinery should be done using brackets, unless specified otherwise by the joinery manufacturer.;


Whether it is windows, doors, or combination elements, frame profiles can be arranged in various ways to support the weight of the joinery, shading elements, and the loads induced by them due to wind, rain, snow, etc.

3.0.0 2 Perete cu gol de tamplarie buiandrug intarit fara parapet
3.0.0 1 Perete cu gol de tamplarie buiandrug si parapet


Due to the precise modeling and production of the frame structure, with tolerances given in millimeters, the joinery can be manufactured according to the joinery schedule before the installation of the frame structure.


There are two methods of installation:
• Installation of the joinery on the exterior face of the frame structure – on the interior face of the insulation;

• Installation of the joinery outside the frame structure – within the insulation, with a thermally insulated blind frame – mainly used for energy-efficient constructions;

The joinery is fixed using special brackets designed for each type of joinery material. This ensures that the joinery does not transmit or absorb a significant portion of structural noises, prevents stress and deformation in the joinery frame, and contributes to effective sealing of the window.

The number of brackets required for fixing the joinery is determined based on its height, width, and weight.

3.1.4 Detaliu montaj tamplarie PVC cu montaj pe bride la fata termoizolatiei 1
3.1.3 Detaliu montaj tamplarie PVC cu montaj pe bride cu toc orb in termoizolatie


This is an extremely important aspect that any type of construction must meet – vapor sealing.
The interior perimeter sealing of the window means that the vapor barrier installed on the walls, regardless of the material it is made of, is sealed with a sealing tape to the window frame.
On the exterior, before installing the finish, another sealing tape is used to ensure effective sealing between the window frame and the facade finish.

Foam is not used as a sealing element in the joint between the wall and the window!


A frame structure can easily incorporate shutters, exterior blinds, protective or decorative grilles, horizontal or vertical sun shading elements, with the condition that these must be specified and positioned during the design/modeling phase.