New important provisions for renewable energy

In order to establish the system for promoting the production of energy from renewable energy sources, the Chamber of Deputies, as a decision-making chamber, adopted yesterday important amendments to GEO 24/2017 which amend and supplement Law no. 220/2008.

Thus, the concept of “prosumer” was introduced into the legislation, this being “the final customer who owns electricity production facilities, including cogeneration, whose specific activity is not the production of electricity, who consumes and who can store and sell energy electricity from renewable sources produced in his building, including an apartment block, a residential area, a shared service site, commercial or industrial or in the same closed distribution system, provided that, in the case of autonomous non-domestic consumers of energy from renewable sources , these activities do not constitute their primary commercial or professional activity”

The new legislation voted by the Parliament establishes that “Prosumers who own electricity production units from renewable sources with an installed power of no more than 27 kW per point of consumption can sell the electricity produced and delivered to the electricity network to electricity suppliers with whom they have concluded electricity supply contracts, according to ANRE regulations.”

The threshold of 20 kW in GEO 24/2017 was considered covering for natural persons who supply only the electricity consumption of their own households.

Also, the law provides that the electricity suppliers are obliged, at the request of the prosumers with whom they have concluded electricity supply contracts), to purchase the electricity produced, at a price equal to the weighted average price registered in the Market for the Next Day in the previous year.

Prosumers, natural persons, can carry out the activity of trading electricity produced in the electricity production units they own, without registering and authorizing their operation.

In the electricity bill, the prosumers benefit from the electricity suppliers with whom they have concluded electricity supply contracts from the regularization service between the value of the electricity delivered and the value of the electricity consumed from the network.

Electricity distribution operators are obliged to connect prosumers and public authorities.

Prosumers, natural persons, are exempt from the obligation to purchase green certificates annually and quarterly for the electricity produced and used for their own final consumption, other than the technological own consumption of the power plant.

In addition, prosumers, natural persons, are exempted from paying all fiscal obligations related to the amount of electricity produced for self-consumption, as well as the surplus sold to suppliers.

Electricity producers and public authorities that own power plants from renewable energy sources that benefit from the promotion system through green certificates or that have benefited from the promotion system and hold green certificates, with installed capacities of no more than 3 MW per producer can conclude contracts negotiated directly only with final consumer suppliers for the sale of electricity and/or green certificates.

A number of other measures target the green certificate market.


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