House made of light cold rolled metal structure

The advantages of RoMeHOME houses

Choosing a house on the RoMeHOME metal structure will give you some immediate advantages: Choosing a house on the RoMeHOME metal structure will give you some immediate advantages:

– Reduced execution time.

It is really one of the most important advantages of the houses on the structure made of galvanized steel sheet profiles.

Most of the beneficiaries who start the construction of a house on a masonry and/or reinforced concrete structure hope that the completion of the works and the closing of the construction site will happen already in the first year. In our case, after the foundation pouring works have been completed, the installation the metal structure made of galvanized steel sheet profiles for an ordinary house with ground floor and attic floor (Sdesf.=120 sq m) takes between 7-10 working days.

Due to the fact that most of the construction processes use dry processes (approx. 80%) or wet processes with very short commissioning and use times (20%), it can be achieved that, together with an experienced team of fitters, that the one that RoMeHOME can make available to you, in a maximum of 40 days so that you can move into the new house.

For those who are already paying installments for a loan and not only that, it is extremely important to be able to take possession of the home they want as soon as possible.

Structura metalica Structura lsf case la cheie casa structura metalică
Perspective view of structural elements – walls, floors, preparation for cutting

– Greutate redusa a structurii si a casei.

A light construction, made of galvanized steel sheet profiles, implies that the foundation on which it is placed can be lower than in the case of a house built on the usual structure of masonry and/or reinforced concrete, implicitly resulting in lower costs for its realization.

Depending on the structure of the land and the compliance of the house, discounts of up to 40% of the foundation can be reached.

Fortunately, the low weight of the structure made of metal profiles manifests itself not only at the level of foundations, but also at the level of the ease of transporting the respective profiles from the factory to the place of execution, but also at the ease of handling them on the construction site.

If we take into account that for an ordinary house with a ground floor and an attic floor (Sdesf.=120 sq m) the total weight of the metal structure is approximately 6 tons, then we can realize that in reality the costs related to transport and handling are much reduced, the houses on the metal structure made of galvanized steel sheet profiles, being an efficient construction alternative in hard-to-reach places or with limited maneuvering spaces.

  • Precision in execution.

Deviations as small as possible from the elevations and dimensions specified by the project of all constructive elements, both horizontally and vertically, define a correctly executed construction with reduced loss of materials.

The metal profiles made of galvanized steel sheets produced by RoMeHOME for the structure of houses are processed on specialized high-precision machines, with tolerances of the order of microns and which prevent both their torsion during production and the appearance of deformed edges and corners.

Moreover, in order to prevent the appearance of deformations when covering the profiles with OSB boards or cement-based boards, the metal profiles are pre-embossed and pre-drilled at this stage, on the site only the assembly will be done. Thanks to these machined processes, assembly deviations are practically eliminated in proportion to 99%.

This means that all the constructive elements (exterior and interior walls, floors, roofs, carpentry, etc.) are joined simply and correctly, starting from the metal structure and its cladding on the exterior and interior, up to the finishes and furniture.

  • Resistance and stability over time.

The houses made on the structure of galvanized steel sheet profiles by RoMeHOME are designed to act as a unitary whole, with as rigid a behavior as possible, under the various types of loads to which they are subjected throughout their lifetime.

The rigidity of the constructive elements is obtained by using different types of profiles of different thicknesses, by arranging them within the walls according to the execution project, by the joints with 4 self-drilling screws/joint point and by the use of superior quality metric screws for joints between the walls or constructive elements perpendicular to them, of the use of high profiles (300mm) for floors and for carpentry gaps in the case of large openings, etc.

A rigid construction does not suffer obvious deformations under loads due to wind, rain, snow or earthquake, preventing the appearance of cracks and keeping its shape and stability unchanged for a long period of time. In this sense, we attach great importance to the way in which the non-structural elements of the building (partition walls, ceilings, carpentry, cupboards, suspended or high-height furniture, sanitary ware, ventilation equipment, air conditioning, etc.) are fixed to the structural elements in order to it does not suffer deformations under its own weight or in case of an earthquake.

Structura metalica Structura lsf case la cheie casa structura metalică

– High resistance to humidity, corrosion.

275 g of Zn/m2! This is the optimal amount of zinc, which, through galvanization, ensures an optimal protection of steel against corrosion, and the raw material used by RoMeHOME for the execution of sheet metal profile structures complies with this quality standard.

The method of processing the profiles does not affect the zinc layer on the tin sheet, ensuring protection against corrosion for a long time, depending on the way the profiles are exposed to the environment (exposed, partially protected or embedded in constructive elements) but also on the elements effects of the environment to which it is exposed (sun, snow, ice, saline environment, desert environment, aggressive chemical environment, etc.).

This means that humidity, regardless of its source and its effects (mold, condensation, efflorescence, unpleasant odors, etc.) cannot affect the structures made of cold-processed galvanized steel sheet profiles, and due to the way the walls are made it could only locally affect the other elements (cellulosic fiber thermal insulation, plasterboard boards, OSB boards, etc.).

In general, it is considered that the lifetime of a construction on the structure of galvanized steel sheets is between 100 and 250 years, depending on the exposure/protection of the constructive elements to stress factors.

– The best choice for energy efficient houses.

The houses on the metal structure made of cold-processed galvanized sheet profiles are the best option in terms of creating an energy-efficient construction.

Due to the fact that the metal profiles that make up the resistance structure of the house are thin (thickness between 1-1.8 mm), the thermal bridges next to them are reduced as a weight on the surface of the building envelope (exterior walls and roof or terrace).

Structura metalica Structura lsf case la cheie casa structura metalică
Wall detail for energy efficient constructions. Cellulose was used in the wall structure and expanded polystyrene (EPS) was used for external thermal insulation. More details for solving the wall with different compositions, more types of thermal insulation or even more types of finishes can be taken into account.

Moreover, RoMeHOME recommends the use of cellulose fiber thermal insulation in the wall and roof structures, which ensures a homogeneous filling of the metal structure, ensuring a very good thermal insulation of them (λD = 0.039 W/mK).

Cellulose fiber insulation is installed under pressure until it reaches a density between 50-56 kg/m3.

For the subsequent thermal insulation of the facades and the roof/terrace, all types of thermal insulation can be used (glass or basaltic mineral wool, polystyrene, PIR foam, cellular glass, etc.).

Regarding the finishing methods of the facades, both finishes with wet installation such as decorative plaster or decorative veneers with stone, etc. can be used, as well as all types of finishes with dry installation in a ventilated or non-ventilated facade system.

These are only the most important advantages regarding the metal structure houses that RoMeHOME implements in the Romanian market.

About the PROS and CONS of houses on metal structures, maybe in the next article.

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