„Casa este o masina de locuit” – LeCorbusier


Soundproof & Acoustc Insulation
Separation of the structural elements with anti-vibration insulators, as well as filling the entire thickness of the structure with sound dumpers material leads to acoustic performances that exceed the requirements of the most demanding regulations.
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Precise & Extremely Stable Dimensions
Pre-fabrication of structural elements using high precision machinery and their pre-installation process in the factory leads to a millimeter accuracy of structural elements.Automated embossing of the joining position in the factory leads to a mounting path that leaves no room for errors.The steel strength behavior gives the entire structure impeccable dimensional stability. So, no cracks and no subsequent restoration of the "nishes.
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Fast building
The prefabrication of structural elements, their easy and fast installation, as well as the lack of curing or drying times from casting or plastering, make the Light Steel Frame system one of the fastest contemporary construction systems.
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Energetic efficiency
The demand for energy is ever higher and the price for it is continuously growing. The solution is a passive house with a state-of-the-art energy efficiency system. The low gauge of the structural elements gives the possibility of falling it with thermo-insulating material which results in a passive energy house. The structure also allows the inclusion of the necessary piping for an energy transfer ventilation system and bioclimatic design.
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A house built to last must be environmentally conscious and friendly for the generations to come! All the materials that go into the construction of a Light Steel Frame house are 100% recyclable and most of them come from recycling.
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The best value for your money
Pay only for what you get! No expensive site logistics (concrete formwork, crane, cement truck, concrete pump, or cement silo). No occupied and damaged space for building materials storage (brick, gravel, sand, cement). No endless workmanship.
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Structural resistance
The fastening in joints with four screws ensures perfect solidarization of the structural elements. The steel’s tensile behavior (deformation elastic, plastic, and only ultimately breaking) gives the entire structure a high resistance, hard to achieve with any other material.
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