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Over 20 years of experience in the field of design, authorization, and implementation of renewable energy projects, both in photovoltaic parks and wind power plants, have led us to expand our activity in the field of Photovoltaic Panels, as manufacturers of structures for ground-mounted photovoltaic panel installations.

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We have joined forces with SolarTraders!

Together we offer:

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Presentation of the offer

Preparation and presentation of the offer to the client with all the information.

CEF Installation

The CEF installation will take place at the client's location with a specialist in the field.

Prosumer file preparation

We will take care of all the necessary documentation for preparing the file.

Preparation/Submission of the prosumer file

Submission to the electricity provider for changing the current meter with a bidirectional meter, in order to record the energy injected into the grid and the energy received from the grid.

Notification to the Municipality for CEF

The document prepared will be sent to the client. The client, in turn, must submit this document to the municipality.

Meter Replacement

The practical meter replacement will be carried out by the energy provider.

Report preparation

The report of tests will be prepared by the company that performed the electrical installation. This report will be completed within 5 days after the installation.

Operation with grid injection

The prepared test report will be sent to the client, considering the submission of documents to the power company (Eléctrica) for obtaining the connection approval.

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