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Austria House

The Austria House is a project defined by a simple, Nordic-inspired volumetry, with architectural elements and materiality that create a timeless concept easily integrable into various urban or rural contexts. The proposed glass surfaces and skylights at the roof level create a communion with the surrounding space, resulting in a comfortable and serene interior, ideal for spending time with loved ones. The overall concept integrates an efficient Lightweight Steel Frame construction system consisting of galvanized steel profiles, creating a lightweight, adaptable structure suitable for different locations and allowing for an architecturally efficient energy performance and a wide variety of installation systems.

Interior Architecture

The interior architecture is inspired by elements of nature and is defined by tall spaces with large windows that flood the space with light, creating spaciousness and enhancing the feelings of tranquility, relaxation, and comfort. The living room represents the core of the interior space and extends throughout the height of the building, creating a spacious and airy area that extends to the exterior through a terrace benefiting from light filtered by wooden reflections positioned on the side walls.

Structural Plan

At the planimetric level, the construction consists, at the ground floor, of an open-space living and kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a technical space, while at the attic level, it includes a space dedicated to a master bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom. The house has a ground floor and attic height regime, a built area of 150 sqm, and a total built area of 257.8 sqm.

Advantages of Frame Constructions

The advantages of using a frame structure (LSF) determine and maximize the benefits of constructions developed on such a structure, easily achieving resilient, modern, and efficient constructions from all perspectives.

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